Posted on: June 20, 2008 5:33 pm

winning streak

The Yankees latest winning streak has been very nice. But the loss of Wang could be huge, as I don't see who they are going to replace him with. The offense is clicking, and the pitching has been incredible during this streak, but they haven't gained many games at all, which is frustrating. Even the bullpen has done a fine job over the last while. As long as they keep farnsworth out, things go fine.
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Posted on: May 12, 2008 6:54 pm


It's beginning to look like no one can stop the Penguins.  But they have to keep their confidence, without being cocky.  They have the Flyers on the ropes though, and they need to throw the knock out punch.  The Penguins really need to get it done this year, because who knows how long they can keep this group of players together for.  Their role players are stepping up great, and their Stars are playing like stars.  Fleury has been incredible in goal, and Malkin has raised his game to a new level.  Sidney Crosby hasn't had quite as good of a season due to his injury but he is still playing great hockey, and he is a catalyst.  Pascal Dupuis is giving the Pens some great minutes, and Marian Hossa has been unstoppable.  That trade for him looks brilliant now.  I also think that Tyler Kennedy will be a dang good player one day, he has incredible speed.  The defense is doing a great job, and Therrien has coached this team well.  I think the city of Pittsburgh is feeling glad that they kept the Penguins in town.
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Posted on: May 11, 2008 9:20 pm

Yankees thoughts

Ian Kennedy pitched well in his first start in the minors. But I do not like his attitude. He said he was frustrated that he was being demoted because he had been pitching better. There isn't much you can claim when your era is over 8. I think he should get at least four starts, even if they are good. I think Hughes will come back and pitch well though. He still has that wicked curve and I think he will contribute this season. Arod will obviously recover, but I am worried that Posada's shoulder may be headed far south. Hopefully he makes a full recovery. Rasner is pitching well, and making the most of his chances. Cano got a little too arrogant after the last couple of seasons. Damon and Abreu are doing well for the Yankees. Melky Cabrera is doing a good job, even though I still don't like him. Rivera is lights out like always. Joba is pitching well, even Farnsworth is doing alright right now. Giambi is beginning to pull out of his slump and Matsui is crushing the ball. Good thing they didn't trade him to the Giants for Noah Lowery.
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